Google just updated the developer dashboard with the most recent Android distribution numbers, measured during a 7-day period from the end of last year until the 5th of January. This is always an interesting read (not only for developers, but for Android-enthusiasts as well), and at the end of each year it is good to look back on what happened in 2014. Google releases these numbers every month, which I collected and made into a chart to visualize last year’s changes.

Android version distribution in 2014

KitKat grew to dominate in 2014, starting at only 1.8% and finishing at 39.1%, taking the lead from 4.1 sometime in September. And while Honeycomb disappeared in May (meaning it didn’t reach 0.1%), FroYo (0.4%) and Gingerbread (7.8%) continue to be present, both slowly declining. And while the first release of Lollipop was rolled out on November 12, 2014, it still didn’t make the cut.

Made with Charted, an awesome tool for making awesome looking charts by Medium (it’s open-source, available on GitHub). An interactive version is also available, hover above the lines to see the exact percentages for each month. You might notice that the numbers for September are missing - I couldn’t find the corresponding data, if anyone has it, please let me know and I’ll update the chart accordingly.

Also, see the same chart for last year here.